05 February 2014

What I Ate Wednesday #159

I made the mistake of looking through a folder full of past What I Ate Wednesday photos and collages yesterday.  That problem I have with making old recipes on repeat?  It just got a whole lot worse!  I wound up tweaking my grocery list so I could make all my favorites.  I figured it's a month usually dedicated to the Hallmark holiday of LOVE and I owe it to myself to eat all the foods I love.

And maybe a few desserts too...

Homemade Cookie Cake

I do love it, after all.

I also really love vegetables and  I know deep down most of you truly do too!  Let's prove it and bring back one of my favorite What I Ate Wednesday themes: Love your Veggies!

Peas and Crayons
For those of you WIAW-ing it up this month, show us some veggie love!
in addition to your What I Ate Wednesday posts...

Tell us about your favorite vegetables.  Share your go-to cooking/prep methods for veggies.  Talk about how you add extra fruits and vegetables to your daily eats.  Challenge yourself to eat more vegetables this month/week/year & any other veggie-centric topics you can whip up!  Have fun with it =)

I always benefit from a shake-up of sorts and this theme has a way of driving me to faceplant into my crisper drawer.  Though it's not difficult to get me to eat my veggies, I haven't been as consistent as I'd like to be!  Some days are filled with vegetables and others fall a bit short.   The day of eats I'm sharing today is an example of one that's not terrible, but lacking.  I'm hoping to step up my game for the rest of the month.  Join me?

Breakfast was a small bowl of swiss muesli with coconut milk.  Nothing new there!  It left me pretty hungry so I wound up  snacking on an [unphotographed] larabar as well as some cuties clementines and a banana.  I was almost too busy to eat lunch [it was one of my crazier days!] but managed to pop a bunch of frozen whole foods quiche in the toaster oven.  I downed a few handfuls of cinnamon oat squares while I waited!  Dinner was a bowl of leftover tortilla soup [vegetarian-style this time around with extra peppers and beans!] topped with cheese and avocado and served with a pile of yellow corn tortilla chips.  I'm still not sick of this one yet!  It's my favorite meal to toss in the slow cooker!  To mix things up I made a huge pot of [this] tomato soup [minus the cream!] and stole a few spoonfuls before putting the nugget to bed and promptly passing the eff out. 

I just added nearly every vegetable known to man to my grocery list for the week.  That should make vegging things up around here much easier!  I think this will be the year I hunt down a CSA box situation with a local farm.  I keep meaning too get started with a weekly box and really hope I can find one to get started with!  Anyone have tips for choosing a CSA?

Ok enough rambling!  Le'ts get this WIAW show on the road!

New to the party? [click here] for more info on our Wednesday shenanigans! 

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  1. That tomato soup looks amazing! I love the toppings. It's so cold and rainy - I may have to bust out a batch tonight.

  2. i want to dive headfirst into that cookie cake!

  3. Your cookie cake is So adorable, Jenn. Everything else looks delicious, too. Happy WIAW!!

  4. i need that cereal!! and the cookie cake. duh.

  5. Aww, the month of great desserts!

  6. Zoe (www.star-psyche.co.uk)Wednesday, February 05, 2014

    Oh my! I am SO, so, so making your tortilla soup... <3

  7. Wowza, check out all these amazing links you have here!! And your recipes are to die for. Let me know if you'd ever like to link up - www.theblondevegan.com. Lots of love!

  8. I'm looking to join my first CSA this year too! If I can get the whole "big girl" job and apartment thing figured out before the local ones fill up for the season... I've literally just been googling "CSA in_____" and browsing through what pops up so that might be a place to start.

    I've been short on my veggies lately so this will be the perfect kick in the butt to add them back in ;)

  9. Yum! I really need to get better about the veggies...I've been slacking. I'm due for groceries so they will definitely be at the top of my list!

  10. I'm always BAFFLED When someone claims they hate every veggie ever!!! Veggies are the best way to add pizzazz and color to a recipe! YAY VEGGIES!

  11. I've definitely been trying to add more veggies to my meals wherever I can. Today's recipe is a smoothie with beets in it! I've also been tossing kale and mushrooms in my omelets and topping my sweet potatoes with tomatoes :)

  12. I must be craving sweets because that cookie cake looks to die for to me right now! :)

  13. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeetsFriday, February 07, 2014

    I'm so super excited you're looking for a CSA!!! We'll be able to mass produce and freeze produce all summer long for our lovely freezers. Oh and you can count me in on the veggie loving this month. I've been making it a point to get my fill.

  14. Many CSAs also have a fall/winter subscription offer, so don't wait until spring to look for one. There are also CSAs with a dairy or egg option as well. Its really just a matter of choosing one convenient to you and within your price range. Just get ready to scrub some filthy produce! Mine always comes with extra dirt.