08 November 2012

two-piece laptops are all the rage

It's time...

to replace this piece of... these pieces 

Dearest laptop,
It's been a great 6 years... but now you kind of suck.
Unless there's a market for two-piece laptops, in which case, you're awesome.

Photo editing is going to be a teeeeeny bit difficult this weekend.  The bright side?  I totally know what I want for Christmas now.  

A pony.

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  1. LOL pony
    I'm in need of a new one and I hope the one that shows up on my door is a mac! Just saying... Hopefully someone I know is reading this and maaaybe drop it off ;)
    a girl can dream

    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}
    Health & Wellness Blog

  2. My old laptop was 6 years old when it broke too. It was the best laptop ever!! It was fast, downloaded stuff quickly. I loved it. When I went to buy a new one, the guys ask, if it was carved out of stone. I guess 6 years is really old for a laptop. Sorry for your loss!!

  3. Sorry about the laptop! :(
    But the good news is I love Imagine Dragons so getting to listen to that may have been the highlight of my day (it's also possible it's been a rough day). ;)

  4. wow, 6 years if FOREVER in laptop years! I'm sorry that you have to get a new one, though :/

  5. you make me laugh out loud.


  6. Oh no - so sorry to hear about your laptop. Bad times. But your last sentence made me laugh out loud.. a lot. Not good when you're sat in a packed office!

  7. I am always so much at a loss when things happen to my laptop. Good Luck, Jenn!

  8. That kind of looks like one of those fancy laptops that turns into a tablet... except it's not really meant to be one of those?

  9. Aww I've been there, girl. I'm actually worried that I may need a new one some day soon, as well. Can't wait to see what new one you pick!

  10. Oh you temptress!(two posts ago...) but also so sorry to hear about the lappy :( Enjoy the pony- they're great at blogging!

  11. Your's looks about as bad as mine! I realisd the other day that I've had my laptop for 7 YEARS. It's like the granny of the pc world! It takes 30 mins at least to warm up. That's even more time than I need lol!