28 February 2012

What I Ate Wednesday Goes Green!

Though tomorrow is our last [LOVE YOUR VEGGIES] What I Ate Wednesday... the fun isn't over yet!  Let's kick things up a notch in March and keep the themed WIAW posts coming!  

Here's a peek at what's in store for March:
wiaw what i ate wednesday goes green fruits veggies herbs

There's a lot more to March than St. Patty's Day!

Peas and Crayons

Let's take a cue from the festivities and add GREEN to our March WIAW posts!  In addition to your WIAW post, share your own tips and tricks for green-ing up your eats!  Load up on those gorgeously green fruits and vegetables and snazz up a favorite dish with a punch of color!  

Challenge yourself to eat more great fruits and veggies this March!
In addition to your WIAW post, share some green goodness with your readers:

Tell us all about your favorite green fruits, veggies, and herbs!
How do you take an everyday dish and green it up?
Set a goal for a daily/weekly/monthly amount of green produce you'd like to eat.
and anything else your creative mind can whip up! <3

Take the theme and run with it!  Your VEG-ed up posts for February's Love Your Veggie theme were absolutely out of this world amazing and an total joy to read.  So many of you shared your favorite vegetables, cooking  techniques, recipes, groceries, and some even stepped up to the plate with a full on veggie challenge!  I can't wait to see your posts for the last day of  love your veggie madness tomorrow =)

Here's how it went down:
WIAW Goes Green Party #1
WIAW Goes Green Party 2
WIAW Goes Green Party #3
WIAW Goes Green Party #4

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  1. Fun! I'm all about eating some green!

  2. Oh yes, this is my type of eating, green, green, and more green!  Do you see me happy dancing?

  3. That is so awesome because for lent I am making sure I eat something green for 3 meals a day!  Can't wait! :)

  4. Yay I can't wait to veg up March :)

  5. ok I'm actually going to try this green challenge for March. Good idea!

  6. one question. did you poop green?

    im immature lol

    this is an amazing challenge! i did good today! i had a salad with TONS of veggies and just a couple pieces of buff chicken!

    love me some veggies!

  7. Love it!! Veggies is something I am good at :)

    Thanks for keeping this going for all of us Jen!

    PS - Just finished my second dinner in a row where wonton cups made an appearance. I am absolultely in love <3

  8. Lovin' next month's theme!! Great idea ... just another reason to love WIAW :)

  9. LOVE it Jenn!  I love all things green ... especially veggies ;)

  10. Love the new theme! Can't wait to read everyone's tips to get their greens!

  11. wow that means a lot of veggie lor

  12. looove this idea!!  I've been wanting to do a green-foods challenge for a while; now's my chance! 

  13. Gail@SophisticatedStepsTuesday, February 28, 2012

    Oh, You. ;) You inspire me to eat more veggies.
    Job well done.

    How are ya? :)

  14. I'm kind of in love with this idea... my green smoothies will fit right it!

  15. Perfect, especially with St Patrick's Day halfway through the month :) Time to invest in green food dye I think!

  16. This sounds like a great idea, Jenn.  As the resident veggie in my house, my plate ALWAYS has green on it!!  I'm on board!

  17. I need to make that quinoa, it looks so good. And I love the green idea for March - very clever. Now I'll actually have to try to fit my posts to the theme. ;)

  18. Love this as a theme! Looking forward to leaning some new tips and challenging myself! 

  19. Miranda @ Biting LifeWednesday, February 29, 2012

    Love this month's theme!! I really want to use the button... But "wednesday" is spelled wrong, haha. Whoops :)

  20. ugh and the worst week of my year just got worse =( thanks for telling me. I haven't had one thing go right today but i'm glad i can at least fix this

  21. Ahhh! I can't wait! The banner looks incredibly cute Jenn! :)

  22. Yeah! So excited! Love love the Banner!

  23. I love the March banner...plus I love St. Patrick's Day (anything that pays homage to a man who drove snakes out...hate those things).
    Can't wait to get my first green post ready.

  24. Yesss! Mission accomplished!!! =) I 'm good! Busier than I ever expected to be!!! How are you? and the fam?

  25. bahahahahaha NOOOOO!!!!!!! Ok maybe once =)