16 August 2011

I'm not a player, I just crush a lot

Design Crush: Umbra

It all started with a funky Umbra display at Target (or Tar-jaaay if you're feeling fancy!).  I was hooked on the fun grouping of frames, charming wall art, and quirky kitchen gadgets that this company has to offer.  I promptly bought two chic hanging frames on clearance and, in true Jenn fashion, broke one of them.  I sense a DIY repair in my immediate future =) Lemons out of lemonade! Did I really just write that? Maybe i'll finish my coffee before typing the rest of this post.  Good thinking, eh?

The next piece of the collection you've seen in my vlog as well as in my mood board posts.  
There's not much I need to say about it.  Its one of my favorite things ever.
Well, aside from the Ferritos.

And its white and gray doppleganger is equally as amazing! 
My latest Umbra piece? Holy, steal of a deal batman! 
It retails for $110 but I stumbled upon this GIANT frame system for $39.99 at Marshalls last week.
Now I just have to figure out what photos to fill them with and where on earth to hang them in the new casa. Ohmygosh I can't wait to actaully HANG things on our walls!I haven't been allowed to with our last few rentals and that first nail I hammer into the wall is going to be GLORIOUS!  I probably should have picked designer purses or jewelry to collect but, to me, this stuff is way more fun! 

And because I know you came here looking for some food...

Here's the cup-o-yum from a trip to my first ever Fro-yo bar with the GORGEOUS Gina @ Running to the Kitchen!  You guys should take a cue from this fab blogger and vacation here. I'll buy you yogurt! 

As a self-proclaimed dessert snob, I can say with 100% certainty that this was BALL-ER!

Cake Batter + Red Velvet fro-yo with nuts, berries, and cookie crumbles.
Oh. My. Gosh!

What's your favorite fro-yo/topping combo?  Do you have a design crush at the moment?
Tell me more Tell me more! <3

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  1. I would be all over that froyo! I throw about a cups worth of sprinkles in mine..Maybe 2..not gonna lie :)

  2. o wow! serious steal on the frame! 
    and HOLY moly i want that fro-yo! xoxo jillian:: don't miss my fishs eddy dish giveaway!

  3. If we meet somewhere, let's involve fro yo, mmmkay!
    I like plain tart topped with fruit and reeses and oreo crumbs :)

  4. I heart fro-yo. One more reason we need to visit IRL! :)

  5. i loveeeeee fro yo, i usually do both a tart and a sweet side. For the tart side i like fruit toppings- kiwi, mango, berries, and those tapioca balls...and for the sweet side: crumbled oreos!

  6. And now that song is in my head. Which takes me back to an incredibly hilarious/crazy time in my past. Not a bad thing to remember this afternoon ;)

  7. I love original tart with strawberries, mochi and a bit of sweetened condensed milk.

    The original flavor is super easy to make at home. :)

  8. Ok, now that I see the frame you were talking about that IS quite the steal. <3 it! Thanks again for the lunch date. Fro-yo was amazing!!

  9. Lindsay @ The Lean Green BeanTuesday, August 16, 2011

    love fro you- i always add oreos, m&ms and golden grahams if they have them. plus some fruit!

  10. Oh Fro-yo!  The closest one is 20 minutes away. It is a curse and blessing all at once.  Funny thing is I don't know who is worst with the excessive topping me or my husband!

  11. Mm that looks delish! My favorite combo is peanut butter frozen yogurts with...peanuts on top! I'm a nut...

  12. Um, I want the corner one! We need to go shopping together! We both have new places to decorate. <3

  13. Cake batter is my absolutely favorite fro-yo or blueberry cheesecake!! Yours looks pretty good too!


  14. I love Umbra stuff it is all so cool! They are great gifts as well!

  15. Mahh! I want froyo to come around here!
    I guess I'll just have to settle for the stuff in stores ):

  16. SO fun! As a native Californian-turned-Canadian (by marriage), I'm missing Target! They have such great stuff there! I'm a big sucker for frames so I'd be with and probably have a similar design crush if I had one. Apparently Target just bought out another store and they're coming here in 2 years! Wahoo! As far as fro-yo goes, NO real good options here, at least not like in the states in my opinion. Oh well - always ice cream and visits down south to get my fro-yo fill!

  17. Chocolate fro yo and fruity pebbles... I know... but it works!! 

  18. You have great taste girlie!
    I went for fro-yo last week and got red velvet - it was so AWESOME!! I usually go with cake batter, but they didn't have it. I topped it with everything under the sun and it was the best! :)

  19. Basically I just wanna say that title made my day ;) 

    ps. amazing deal on that frame! <3 deals at marshalls & tjmaxx
    pps. that ice cream is kinda beautiful! very photogenic :)

  20. those frames are really neat....and the title of this post? story of my life!!!

  21. Ha!  Love the title!  I love interesting frames, but I'm not good at taking pictures of people.  I'd love to have a bunch of beautiful family photos, in which I don't look goofy.  As of now?  Doesn't exist!

  22. First of all I can not even believe you quoted big pun!!! I want to eat you alive that title is so good!

    I have an unhealthy amount of frames actually...it's a little embarrassing but I really love having pictures around me. Can't wait for you to hang something in your new home!!!